Jesus got angry when people made gods temple a “den of robbers” it says Jesus said Gods temple was supposed to be a place of prayer.

Jesus got angry when the people was waiting to see if he would heal the mans hand on the sabbath so they could accuse him. Knowing this made Jesus angry, but he still healed the mans hand.

The fact that Jesus got angry was proof that anger is just a human emotion, but Jesus didn’t sin by letting anger control him, he knew everything he was doing and didn’t regret it after. He also didn’t let the sun go down on his anger.

Here’s some facts about Jesus’ anger.

#1 he didn’t target God when he got angry like we sometimes do. He focused his anger on the sin and wrongdoing that was happening.

#2 Jesus controlled his anger, everything he did while he was angry he meant to do and he didn’t regret it after. He controlled his emotions, not the other way around.

#3 he did not get angry over small petty things. His anger always had the right motivation.

#4 his anger always lined up with the word of God his anger was always “in check”

#5 Jesus never held grudges or bitterness, he always dealt with the situation, then he was done with it.