Everyone is tempted, sometimes we fall into it and sometimes we don’t, but there is always a choice. God gives us a way to escape temptation, but ultimately it’s our decision what we do. But there is ALWAYS a choice!

It don’t matter what it is we make choices everyday, we decide what to wear, what to watch, who we talk to, what we say and we choose our actions, this is just some of the daily choices we have to make, when we make these choices sometimes we know what the outcome will be, but sometimes we don’t, but regardless of the outcome if we knew what it would be or not the outcome is because of OUR choices, but often times we don’t blame ourselves, we start pointing fingers (Another choice!) sometimes to our friends and sometimes to God and either way that is not fair because it was our choice so it is our fault, even if you ask a friend for advice and they give you bad advice, and you still use it, ultimately it is still your fault because ultimately it was your choice what you did. So we should never blame anyone for for our choices!

The best way to make a wise choice is don’t answer immediately if you don’t have to take some time to think about it, and of course pray, pray, pray! Praying is ALWAYS the best thing you can do before making a decision! 

Here’s some scripture