We should do everything we can to have a good attitude about everything regardless of the situation. I know it can be hard sometimes, and everybody struggles with this at first, but once you do it awhile it gets easier and more natural for you. Here’s a few tips:

#1 you can be in the best mood ever and someone or something will try to ruin it, but don’t let it! Stand firm, look at the positive in the situation and focus on that. It don’t matter what it is if you look close enough there’s always something positive NEVER focus on the negative, always look at the positive! 

#2 if someone try’s to make you angry don’t let them! If you know where it’s going just walk away! Don’t let anyone get to you!

#3 Love, Love, Love! It don’t matter what you do, do it in love! Don’t hate, instead Love!

We should never get annoyed when someone asks us for help we should eagerly help them! Gladly! Without questioning them or complaining!

Everything we do, should be to help improve Gods kingdom, it should be to bring honor and glory to God, not ourselves. And not anybody else. 

Whatever you do, remember you are Gods representative! 

Here’s some scripture.