We shouldn’t love the world or the things in it, we cannot love both the world and God they are complete opposites, God is good and the world is bad so how can someone love both good and bad? We should NEVER let the world or the things in it become more important then God, the world is after all only Temporary. While God is eternal. 

We should not make getting ” earthly possessions” a goal, our goal should be to make as many disciples as we can. It doesn’t matter who has the most in the end what you have does not matter, it’s who you have.dont ever put earthly things above God. Or other people. Be in the world but not of it!

If you love God the world is going to hate you. There isn’t any going around it. If you’re a Christian you’re judged for reasons you would never think of. But, the good thing? None of it matters! It don’t matter what you do or who you are someone will always judge you, criticize you, doubt you, and hate you. I’m sorry if that rains on you’re parade but it’s true! So we shouldn’t care about what the world thinks, the only thing that should matter to us is God! And his approval is the only approval we should seek!

Here’s some more scripture.