Refuse to gossip or speak evil about your friends


If you listen to gossip you are just as bad as the person doing the gossiping! Only trouble makers eagerly listen to gossip. If someone try’s to gossip with you tell them it’s not nice to gossip and refuse to listen to it! Even if someone comes to you saying someone said something about you, you should tell them you don’t care. 

If people argue, odds are at least one of them is going to gossip after. Even after the argument is over they usually don’t just let it go. just like how fire goes out without wood quarrels would disappear if people would not keep gossiping about it.

Gossip is so bad although it seems harmless someone always gets hurt in the end, on this list gossip is on the same level as sin, hate, greed, murder, and more! So what does that say about gossip? Still think it’s harmless?

Even when you’re angry don’t gossip!!