Gods word should always be a lamp on our feet and a light for our path. It doesn’t matter what kind of darkness we’re going going through the bible can always be “a light unto our path” if we let it be.

The whole bible is Gods word. It is to be a guide for us to use though life’s ups and downs. People say “Life doesn’t come with instructions” but actually it does it does. The bible is literally a instruction book given to us from God. That’s one of the many reasons we should read our bible daily. It is meant to be “Bread for daily use, not cake for special occasions” 

The scriptures  shouldn’t “depart from our mouths” we should meditate on it day and night, and we should do our best to live according to what is written in the Bible. So we will lead good, successful lives.

We should store Gods word in our hearts so we might not sin against him. So if we go to do something we shouldn’t we can look to the scriptures before we do it. 

Here’s one of the many bible study methods. It’s called S.O.A.P

Scripture: write out one verse that was meaningful to you.

Observation: what was interesting in this passage? What did you learn? What was God                                                   saying to you?

Application: how can you apply this scripture to you’re life? how will you let it change you?

Prayer: respond to God in prayer use the scripture as a guide. Ask God to help you meditate and apply it to you’re life.