Because of our faith in Christ we can confidently come into Gods presence through prayer, and reading his word.

We should always test our faith to make sure it is genuine 

We should “cling” to our faith in Christ. We should Always make sure our faith is genuine and cling to it regardless of the circumstances, through the good, and bad. 

Jesus questioned the disciples “why are you afraid? You have so little faith!” Could you imagine being in a boat with Jesus Christ himself and still being afraid? That is definitely “Little faith!”

If we have faith we can pray for anything and we will receive it. But if we pray for something and God doesn’t answer the way we want him to it doesn’t mean we don’t have faith, it just simply means he has something better in mind. He always answers yes, no, or wait.

It is impossible for us to please God if we don’t believe he exists! It doesn’t matter how much good we do, if we don’t believe in God he will not find favor in us.

The apostles said to the lord “increase our faith” this should be a daily request we make. We should always be eager to extend our faith in every way we can every chance we get.

Jesus says “anything is possible if a person believes” so when you doubt whether or not you can do something just make sure you believe, and go for it! 


Jesus told his disciples to “have faith in God”. If we can only choose to have one thing we should all choose faith because with faith everything is possible!

Nothing is impossible with God! There is a lot of things that are impossible for people to do by themselves but nothing is impossible with God! So don’t think “can I do this?” Instead think ” God how can I do this?”