The Oxford dictionary states that Faith is having “complete trust or confidence in someone or something.”

Faith is having confidence in God that he WILL fulfill his promises to us when the time is right.

People shouldn’t doubt whether or not God is real. He clearly is everywhere you look there is proof! The only thing you have to do is believe it. You can look at the trees, grass, Sky, Etc, and know that God is real if you have the right mindset. There really is so much evidence God leaves us to prove that he is real. Sometimes we just choose to overlook it though.

Since we have faith we should tell other people about the gospel so they can also come to know Faith.

The Roman officer had so much faith, he knew that Jesus could heal his servant without going near him. And that is exactly what Jesus did!

Jesus says “Blessed are those who believe without seeing.” Sometimes it’s easy to question something you can’t see but if you look close enough you would be able to see evidence everywhere that Jesus is real!
John 20:29

Although we should do everything we can to obey Gods law that does not make us right with him, only having faith can do that.