God is patient in showing his anger, he gives us the time to repent and turn to him before he lets his anger fall upon us. He wants us all to have a relationship with him.

It doesn’t matter how mad we get, we should never take revenge. We should always just let God handle it. Instead of showing anger and hatred, we should always show kindness, love, and forgiveness. If they need help we should do everything we can to help them. We should not sin by letting anger control us. 

We should never let the sun set while we are still mad, we should always be quick to forgive. If we don’t it gives the devil a foothold into our lives and we don’t want that! If we give the devil a foothold even if it’s just one time he will deceive us into doing all kinds of sins!

God does not want us to be angry over every little thing. He wants us to put all of our effort in him. And how can we do that if we’re always mad over something? Just imagine all the good we could do in place of being angry! 

We should always control our temper. We should never lose control of our temper, by doing this we can sin by saying and doing things that we shouldn’t do. Even if someone provokes us we should just walk away and let God handle it!

When we do disagree with someone we should always use gentle words even if they don’t. If we are as mean as them will it change anything? If we use gentle words the argument is more likely to just blow over than if we use harsh words.

And last, but not least we should never gossip regardless of how angry we are talking about someone else won’t change anything! It could actually make things worse! And if someone try’s to gossip with us we should politely tell them that you don’t want to gossip.